Luxury Gift Boxes

bsquare5For an exquisite, unforgettable gift, a custom designed and handcrafted Lilly Grace Box will be a treasured keepsake for many years to come. Ideal as a truly unique present for a special occasion such as a wedding, birthday, anniversary, Communion or Confirmation, each bespoke box is created with the finest quality materials and dedication to detail resulting in a seamless, elegant design.Lilly Grace Boxes are constructed from a wide range of unusual and exotic woods and veneer finishes, incorporating detailed marquetry and contrasting inlays of wood varieties. All hardware is top quality solid brass or stainless steel, polished to high gleam and complimenting the wood grain on each box.

Custom Design
The options for a customized Lilly Grace Box are endless, with unlimited choice of woods and veneer combinations, including elm, maple, walnut, sycamore, oak, lacewood and many more. When designing your bespoke gift box, we can craft a box to your specifications and tastes, including any personal touches such as engraved names, laser cut marquetry, family crests, patterns and more.

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